That Old Couch

… actually is part of the furniture exhibition at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm.

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted it while walking around there with a friend!


Well, we have one of these in perfect condition stored away in our garage.

Any idea, anyone, of how valuable this one could be?

This TV-Set I really loved – it was placed right beside the couch. Looks like straight out of Star Wars, doesn’t it? Probably my age, that thing ;).

5 thoughts on “That Old Couch

  1. I love that TV. 🙂 It looks like my imagination of how things of outtaspace would look like.

    Thanks for your comment. I like your thoughts. Maybe I’ll post a sequel to that entry and add something to your words.

  2. Yeah, that TV is cool! Wondering if we had that model in Germany as well in the seventies…

    I really like your post! It’s the kind of thoughts I also have from time to time – and then when realising that I could spend ages on thinking this through with “ready” and “not ready” and still wouldn’t find an answer, then I’d just try to get myself back into the real world.Which then again raises the question, what is the real world. It is only what we experience, how we can see, smell, feel and hear it – but the world would look totally different for another species than us humans…. Oki – back to work now 🙂 Before I get lost in this.

  3. I have the same “problem” with thinking of these things. When I think about the universe I tend to really forget where I was. I would write a bit more because I really have so much more to say (probably to much) but it’s so late so I should get some sleep. By the way that’s the only weapon against this deep thinking: tiredness.

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