Pretty Brain Protection

From Denmark!

Read about Yakkam in Dagens Nyheter today and that they do pretty helmets for cycling!

Never heard of Yakkay before, but I know that I am very tempted to buy one now.

And that me, who grew up without wearing a helmet (since it was neither recommended, nor were there any around in the early 80’s). As a grown-up I hated the look of these plastic bowls, and it didn’t make them more appealing when one saw mostly these “green”, alternative parents wearing them, who, when watching them, barely seemed to be able to cycle better than their 5-year-olds in front of them. Wearing a helmet did not really improving their skills either. Nasty comment, I know.

On the other hand, helmets clearly can safe lives. I experienced that first hand when my old boss back in London had a severe cycle accident there… .

As for myself, I often cycle too fast – especially downhills to the railway station, and there are often situations involving heavy breaking. That in autumn or winter time would be extremely hazardous, so I already though about getting some kind of protection before. But uuuuhhh, do these normal ones look ugly!

Now that I know of Yakkay, I think I will consider wearing a helmet more seriously from autumn onwards. These look extremely fashionable and are noticed immediately as “plastic bowls”. They give great protection while it still looks somewhat like a normal nice hat.

Definitely some good stuff for the “anti-helmet”-peeps among us, don’t you think?

I kind of like this one….

But then again there are lots more!

Does anybody of you have one like this already? Willing to share how you like yours here in the comment section?

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