Industrilandskapet Norrköping

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These pictures are taken on one of the last nice warm autumn evenings in Norrköping’s Industrilandskapet. “industrilandskapet” means as much as “industrial landscape”.

The old buildings contained once to the old textile manufactures and the paper mill. Especially the textile and cotton manufactures gave Norrköping the nickname of “Swedish Manchester”. The area grew since about 1850 and was alive as an industrial environment until the 20th century, when the competition became too strong and the last manufactures had to be closed down. Wikipedia gives a short history of Norrköping, in case you want to dig a little deeper.

Nowadays, Industrilandskapet is the home to concert halls, businesses, museums, pubs and the new visualisation center, which includes a brand new cinema.

What a history! And such a unique experience to walk around there, every time again.

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