Respect the Younger!

This post is probably totally unnecessary. To write and to read. But still, I am kind of sure that it isn’t just me who had these thoughts before. Especially not the elder among you.

My dentist is a young lady in her early twenties. I was well astonished when I visited her for the first time last year, and I had the typical prejudices. Me being afraid a bit of dentists anyway. One never knows what they come up with… And so I wasn’t pleased either when she found two holes that needed fixing. By her. Dear, I went home and googled her to the extend. So young, and will she be able to fix it?? Or will she rather make it worse, turning me into a returning and of course paying customer? One knows what dentists are like after all. If you go by the stereotype at least. Anyway, the results of Google calmed me – I found out that she was the best of her year to take the exam and  she was a root specialist. Not that I liked that, but it is a complicated subject to treat dental roots, so I appreciated that and thought that she then surely can fix two small holes on my teeth. Which she did. Marvelously, actually. Now I look forward to meeting her next time!

These days I needed to see a GP for some other reason. And I found out that he was my age! Like the dentist, he did a great job.

But still – it is a strange feeling growing older while your doctors, dentists and also politicians either are much younger, same age, or just insignificantly older.

Not that you get the idea I have a problem with age or younger people. In that case you’re wrong. It is great that people who are younger than me know so much – so much more in certain areas in fact. And I have always been lucky enough to have young and young minded work environments. A huge bonus, if you ask me, and I want to keep it that way. After all it is about respecting and trusting in each other – and about who you are as a person. The rising number that marks our age does not matter at all, if you ask me. Therefore – trust in and respect the Young! And try to get over such silly prejudices like I had against my much appreciated dentist. Cos that is also age discrimination, isn’t it?

And no, it is not a women in her seventies talking here. Just me.

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