101 years old and still running!

You’re a couch potatoe, want to run but really don’t get your bum into gear? Well, maybe it helps you watching Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathon runner, also named Turbaned Tornado. At the age of 101, he completed the London Marathon last month and also broke his own record on that distance in his age class. An amazing inspiration, if you ask me!

Fauja Singh also blogs at The Independent, if you want to follow his tips of a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle – he has been a vegetarian all his life! Don’t get me wrong, I love my steak once in a while, but I’d agree that one should definitely eat more vegetarian food. The Indian kitchen is ideal for discovering meat-free food since it has loads of amazing vegetable based dishes . Even after more than 4 years in Sweden, I really miss my local Indian restaurant from Muswell Hill, London. The one that gets closest to that one in terms of food is Indian Garden in Stockholm, and luckily there is also Indra in Norrköping who do decent Indian food.

Anyway – ‘nough about food, on with your shoes now and off you go – RUN!


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