Crouching Anja, hidden berries

That is how one could summarise this day. Over 6 kilos red gooseberries, about half a kilo black currant and about three kilos red current. Picked within almost three hours. (I consider that a personal record in berry picking time.) Thankfully the magpies discovered that red currant is good food as well, otherwise I would have needed to spend even more time in the bushes.


Company I also had, two little snail buddies that were actually surprisingly fast and very determined to find a way out:


After over three more hours making juice and cleaning berries (the loved one helped, bless him) we were off to Cornelis, the local pub. Strategic drinking was on the menue, since we ran out of suitable bottles for juice making. Well, there are worse things one has to do, I’d say. Bernard is actually a really recommendable black lager!


So tomorrow the berrie marathon is to be continued! And there will be jam, too.

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