Theatre Nolby – Le Figaro

On 20th of July we went to the premier of “Le Figaro” at the Theatre Nolby in Swedish Västmanland, close to Karlskoga, see map. Theatre Nolby is a small open air theatre that opens during 4 weeks each summer, this year from 20th of July to 17th of August.
Le nozze di Figaro originally being a comic opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Theatre Nolby decided to set it up as a scene play. They succeeded brilliantly with the set and the actors in their different roles. Apart from a wonderful performance of everyone involved, the location of Theatre Nolby simply convinces. The audience gets drawn into the piece by being seated close to the stage, and actors sort of involving them into their reasoning and thoughts.

During the pauses one has time to either enjoy a pre-booked three course dinner, or a pre-booked pick-nick. Or one simply buys some snacks. The environment around the stage is also prepared in the most thoughtful way. The actors are also part of the friendly and welcoming staff taking care of bar and food service. Everyone is open for conversation with their visitors, be it just for a few friendly words, or a more serious exchange about the theatre piece or the art in general. All this adds to the fact that the visitor kind of feels like becoming part of a special family for one night. One simply melts in, relaxes instantly and leaves heavy hearted but extremely happy after a gorgeous cultural night out – in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the Swedish woods. Extraordinary.

Some pictures of our night out:


The seating area in front of the stage  IMAG0966

The stageIMAG0970

The programIMAG0971

The bar areaIMAG0972

Relaxing during one of the breaksIMAG0973

Flowers for everyone after a successful premier!IMAG0974

Conversation with family, friends and visitors in general after the showIMAG0975  IMAG0977

On the way home after a great night outIMAG0978

View over the lake nearby the parking lotIMAG0983

Therefore, if you plan to visit or pass this area of Sweden during July and August, check out what is planned at Theatre Nolby. You are in for an unforgettable experience. Promised.

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