Blogg100? Blogg100!

Today, on 1st of March, the 5th Swedish blogging competition Blogg100 starts, and this year I want to be part of it.

What the heck is it all about? 

The challenge is to publish each day for 100 days in a row a new blog post. So hopefully one gets back into writing again, and hopefully this blog will get a bit of a life again! It has been neglected in favour of
– not writing at all, except on Facebook or Twitter (stupid really, since one doesn’t even own the content)
– writing about motorcycle related topics on Elisa travels
– writing about our railway station renovation project on Grythyttan Station

Since I love writing, but not necessarily when to my opinion there isn’t anything to write about, the challenge really will be to find interesting stuff for each day to come.

Just to warn you, the coming posts can contain anything, from contemplating about simple questions about life, to reports about hobbies like upholstery, station renovation jam making, running, Eskrima training, motorcycles , Grythyttan and Norrköping.

Oh yes, and who is responsible for all this #blogg100 stuff?

Fredrik Wass, one of the most known Swedish media bloggers. You can follow him on his or on Twitter @bisonblog , not to forget on Facebook and Instagram!

HERE WE GO! Read you on #blogg100 ?

Yes, YOU can do like me and take part! Read more on Fredrik’s Bisonblog. 


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