Running in the morning….

…. has several advantages:

  • One wakes up on the way (one certainly isn’t when dressing for running, trust me, that phase is called “auto-pilote”).
  • One feels really great once the day’s activity is accomplished and one actually IS awake, thanks to millions of oxygen molecules having just been pumped into your lungs and body.
  • Ever experienced turning up at work amazingly awake, overly happy and then enjoying the effect of the sentence “I just ran 5k before breakfast” on your colleagues, who try to achieve the same awakenes level with a cup of coffee or tea (often even several cups)? No? Well, you should then.

This morning I even met 3 fellow runners! Rather rare at half past six in the morning on a week day in Norrköping.

This year I am a bit more disciplined with running, since I am registered for Göteborgs Varvet, the biggest Swedish half marathon.

Let’s bring it on!


Photo taken from Instagram @anmaratube .


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