Getting lost, exploring

Running again. Friday afterwork run. A short one, I thought. Max 5k. It was great weather outside, with some early spring sunshine and warmth, blue sky and a few centigrades on the plus side.

Yep, and I really blame the weather. After about 3 kilometres it was so nice outside that I got the idea that one could try and see where this other way leads to, the turn I didn’t take the other day.

And then it happened. I took a turn which made that I ran far longer than expected. 5k were so out of the window, but it was a very pleasant feeling!

Back home I mapped out my way on Runkeeper, and yep, just over 10k it became. Very unexpected, and very enjoyable. longrun

That’s what I like about Norrköping, there are still new running routes to explore, and you know you are lost when you are out of town almost ;-).

Happy weekend, everyone, and do like the duckies I met at Motala Ström – enjoy the sunshine!


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