The importance of good tools

Regardless which crafts project, I found that it is always worth investing in good tools. Maybe you do not need the absolute top of the line professional version, but it is worth in investing in decent quality. You get what you pay for proves to be true in almost any case. Means if you buy too cheap stuff, you almost always have to buy the same again pretty soon. It is therefore better to invest something proper from the start.

Therefore, when buying new tools for a crafts project, think about:
– what tool you need
– how sturdy does it have to be
– which material(s) will you be working with
– how often do you use it (every day, every week, every month)
– can you buy something that is suitable not only for the current project, but that fills several purposes

If you can, do not only thoroughly research via the internet (blogs, YouTube, forums) about your project and tools needed. Go and and describe what you plan to do to friends, relatives, neighbours and staff in different shops. You’ll learn about more options and methods, which will make your choice easy. If you can, take some time for finding the right stuff. Maybe you even get a chance to test the tool you are after. It is important that it feels right and makes the job easier.

Remember, if you do not like using your tools because they don’t work the way they should, you will not enjoy working with them. Your project will most likely not come out the way you want it to be, you will be disappointed and might think you cannot get anything right. Which most likely is not true!  

If you do not have the time, and need something urgently, it is almost always worth investing into the best non-professional choice of tools, if you don’t have to use a tool on a professional basis, means every day. And never forget to ask for help and advice in operating your new “toy” – once seen and shown is better than any book! If you cannot ask someone personally, try to find good videos on YouTube about it. Sometimes you can even do a day or weekend course close to where you live.

One option to consider when buying more expensive stuff, is to see if you can find it second hand. However – be sure that it works! Go there, get a demonstration, or (better) try it yourself, before buying. Also, ask why the person is selling.

I got lucky once buying a high quality grinding machine second hand for a very decent price. I bought it from an old person who moved house and had to give up his work shop. Sad for him, good for me, in this case.

I think it is fun building tool cases. I have one for upholstery, a general one for carpentry and everything else, one for the grinding machine tools, and the loved one has one for window renovating. Yep, I might be a nerd, but being the daughter of a cabinet maker master, I grew up with it and learnt the importance of good tools ;-).

Wishing you a very happy DIY-weekend!


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