Glad Påsk!

Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter! Bonnes Pâques!

Glad Påsk in Grythyttan.P1020174.JPG

Frohe Ostern in Quakenbrück….

…. in Wilhelmshaven….

….and in Grafschaft!

And of course one has to say Thank You to these chicks and their relatives for eggs and everything else they  contribute to Easter – these lovely ladies live in Grafschaft, close to Wilhelmshaven in Northern Germany:

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Easter Eggs

Just wanted to share this

with everyone and wish you all some nice and enjoyable Easter holidays!
“Påskris” (see picture below) you find everywhere here in Sweden. It is twiggs decorated with feathers and I like it a lot because it is so colourful.
We are still waiting for the first flowers to emerge the surface. This will actually be my first Easter without any typical Easter flowers like daffodils or even tulips. Instead we now merely have crocusses peaking out of the earth and enjoying the first warmer days of the year.

But anyhow, it is very beautiful and one can follow day by day the nature’s waking up process.

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Happy Easter Everyone! 🙂