Tax disc art!

What to do with old tax discs you collected? Well, try making a collage out of them. It could work out better than expected.

This one I made from Hugo’ s  (see for more)


What did you do with tax disc holders, apart from throwing them away?

Coasters should work out nicely as well… we’ll see what I do with them when the collage is getting boring ūüėČ

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Morning run.

Worked during the weekend, today (Monday) I am off work. Since it was sunshine, cold, though, I decided to start the day with a decent morning run. 8.75 km it became. Not bad!

No funny events on the way, though, apart from a pidgeon choir on the lamp posts – they really tried to sound exactly the same at the same time. Almost in stereo!


Hope you had a great Monday!




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Interesting. Cuvée René.

Interesting indeed. I thought that a Friday night would call for some more adventurous beer tasting, rather than buying the usual brands one already knows.

Tonight’s choice fell for Cuv√©e Ren√©, apparently a world-famous and world’s best Gueuze.
The label in the shop marketed it with a dry, fresh taste and a touch of orange peel.

P1020554Well then, let’s buy it and try it. Luxurious it felt, with the little golden wrap, and not to mention the price tag of like 5 ¬£ per bottle (yep, crazy, I know, but after all it is Friday!!!).

Let’s open it! Hang on a second, what’s this??¬†Double layers?! Maybe it was Champagne hidden as beer? (Which would also explain the price tag?)P1020553Never mind, opened it, no problem with the right tools at hand.

Poured it into the glass. It behaved like beer at least.

Tasted it.



Interesting indeed.

Well, let’s say this much. The fresh taste cannot be denied, and neither can the zesty, citrus sensation on your tongue. VERY dry indeed.

We learnt this much tonight, Gueuze is definitely a special kind of drink. Neither beer, nor champagne, somewhere in-between, it seems. If you trust what your tongue messages to the brain. All ingredients as beer, though, when one reads the label. And when now reading about it on Wikipedia, it is indeed called “Brussels Champagne”! So the impression it made on us wasn’t entirely wrong! Very special. Very… tongue curling. Somehow. Face twisting as well.

As a good old German saying goes “Sauer macht lustig” (sour turns you happy – don’t ask me where this derives from, though!) – that was truly matching tonight’s Gueuze testing session.

We had loads of fun with involuntarily making funny faces, and we managed to empty both bottles. Into ourselves, not into the sink. That would have been a waste of alcohol. And far too expensive.

Oh yes, remarkably enough the alcohol doesn’t feel at the start – at all. It comes creeping up on you with a nice delay. So if you like lemonade with little or no sugar, you can drink Gueuze just like that. With the difference that the alcohol hits you a teeny-weeny bit later.

Like me right now.


Bit of telly now (hopefully not passing out asleep on the sofa), and then bed. I have to work tomorrow. Maybe I should buy some of these bottles for lunch … interesting….


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A nice Swedish habit…

…is to never be the first one to take the first or the last piece of cake or chocolate…

A total difference to us “rude” German “breed”, who never have a problem to either start or finish cake or chocolate, or what else there is on offer, regardless whether everybody got a piece or not. A definite advantage for me, since I can almost always be sure to get something of whatever is on offer.¬†P1020536

Recent example from work – two boxes of chocolate. Against all common rules, I was not the one opening the chocolate box (although I brought it). However, I was the one taking the last piece ;-). The whole thing can look like this towards the end:

And mind you, during the time of “plundering” the box one actually has to be quick to get the pieces one wants!


Neatly finished, isn’t it? ūüėÄ

Happy Friday!

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Lynda Woodruff! And Melodifestivalen.

Lynda Woodruff is a comedy character played by Swedish singer and actress Sarah Dawn Finer. Lynda appears in connection with the Swedish pre-competition to the Eurovision song contest, Melodifestivalen. In Melodifestivalen, Swedish artists compete against each other, and the public as well as an international jury (in the final only) votes for their favourites.

Lynda Woodruff explains Sweden and Swedish tradition to non-Swedes, acting as a gorgeously funny british-inspired character. Sarah is half British, half American, however born and bred in Sweden. A fresh breeze on the screen, not only as Lynda Woodruff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here she is, the one and only, the amazing Lynda Woodruff!!

Featuring, among others, Måns Sell Me Love!!!

The competition itself and especially the final this year wasn’t bad at all either. I think this is the first time where the majority of the competitors actually could sing and hit the right keys, and there was no songs that classified as “ear-rapists”. A definite improvement!

You guys in Europe, this is the 17 year old Swede your singers will have to compete with – this is FRANS from Ystad!

He wasn’t my super favorite, but I admit that he isn’t bad and actually might have quite a good chance in the Eurovision final on 14th of May!

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Norrköping Walkabout

Today the BF suggested to take a loooong walk through our town, Norrk√∂ping. And yep, off we went, almost 10 km from South to East and West of town. We discovered a few new sights and places, and it was a real pleasure to be able to enjoy all the Christmas lights in a halfway decent weather. You must know, it has been pissing down with rain most of the days, and November was a month with only a few hours of sun. December hasn’t shown much of an improvement for that matter either. But never mind, let’s focus on the nice things in life!

Follow the link and join us on our Sunday afternoon Norrköping Walkabout!


Route10 km in 2,5 hours, if anyone is interested. A great round for runners as well!

I love ICA-Stig

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite Swedish TV-ads – the ones for ICA supermarket. About every week they launch a new short movie, each time with a silly theme. It doesn’t necessarily make me buy more with them, simply since I do not naturally pass an ICA every day. However, they do get my sympathy points because their ads are silly, witty or clever at the same time. Hope you understand a bit of Swedish, or that you simply anyway get the idea behind the ones I am going to post below.

This is one of their latest – a bit in style with Amelie and in the sign of health, with a wet and cold autumn ahead:

Another favourite from this summer when the Women’s European Football Championship was on, is the ad with Kosovare Aslani, a famous Swedish lady footballer. She has a sponsoring contract with ICA and they make her say that crisps and chocolate are healthy carbohydrates. She gets tired of posing and says that this won’t be any trustworthy ad whatsoever (never mind that no ad is). ICA-Stig makes her continue by asking if they have to go through the contract again…

Right, let’s wait for the next one then! They do have their own You-Tube-channel – in case you want to watch more of them or use them as “training-Swedish-material”.

Do you have favourite ads? Feel free to comment and link to the ones you can watch over and over again.

Political terms explained in a most simple manner

(Seen and picture taken in Flygvapenmuseum Linköping)

Socialism: You have two cows and give one to your neighbour.

Communism: You have two cows, the government takes both and gives you milk.

Fascism: You have two cows, the government takes them both and sells your milk.

Nazism: You have two cows, the government takes them both and shoots you.

Bureaucracy: You have two cows, the government takes them both, shoots one of them, milks the other one and throws away the milk.

Capitalism: You have two cows, you sell one and buy a bull.

Cycle Saddle Covers!

Want to promote your product or service? Do a cycle saddle cover with your message. Or maybe not. This year was kind of extreme with all the different covers, on the other hand it’s quite fun to see the ocean of different colours spread over Norrk√∂ping’s cycle parking at the main train station. Are people in your country as crazy?