Running experience on a sunny evening

In the evenings I usually manage to run longer than on a morning. So today it were just above 12k on the “running clock”. Spontaneously as well, since I planned to “only” run 10k.


As usual, there are the little things that make you laugh and glad during a run – if you have an eye on your environment and see things, that is. My highlight of the day was a young couple in their twenties that overtook me at some point. My pace was pottering pace, slow, in other words, really slow and relaxed.

The sun was shining on the young ladies running tights, and one could say that the fabric wasn’t exactly hiding everything beneath. On the contrary. Without effort one could identify a black string tanga, and of course the (and admittedly nicely shaped) moon of hers. The young man obviously didn’t mind the sight either, since he was either beside her, or just about behind her behind.

At some point they fell back for checking the running app on the ladies phone, and I overtook them again. Then they took up the pace again and one could hear her saying “I think we do now as it says, and it says 400m in slow tempo.” Said that and overtook me again, with quite some speed. So, slow is definitely relative, just so you know!

Anyway, I should thank them, since they made me laugh, and thus gave me extra energy. They also showed me a new part of the route, which made me run longer in the end. Today is so far the longest I have run outside a competition, and although I felt the body afterwards, I could have continued. That is quite a nice feeling, given the fact that today the letter with the Göteborgsvarvet-information came – with starting group and time.

Let’s hope everything continues going to plan with training! I am a bit worried about my friend, though, who I am supposed to take up this challenge with, since she got a few problems with foot and back. On the other hand, we still have a month left, so maybe (hopefully!) things will be alright.

Good night!

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Running in the morning….

…. has several advantages:

  • One wakes up on the way (one certainly isn’t when dressing for running, trust me, that phase is called “auto-pilote”).
  • One feels really great once the day’s activity is accomplished and one actually IS awake, thanks to millions of oxygen molecules having just been pumped into your lungs and body.
  • Ever experienced turning up at work amazingly awake, overly happy and then enjoying the effect of the sentence “I just ran 5k before breakfast” on your colleagues, who try to achieve the same awakenes level with a cup of coffee or tea (often even several cups)? No? Well, you should then.

This morning I even met 3 fellow runners! Rather rare at half past six in the morning on a week day in Norrköping.

This year I am a bit more disciplined with running, since I am registered for Göteborgs Varvet, the biggest Swedish half marathon.

Let’s bring it on!


Photo taken from Instagram @anmaratube .