#NEXT11 – rough plans for Day 2

Probably having survived a happy night out with all other official bloggers at NEXT, I will hopefully appear in time after a good breakfast (don’t you dare letting me down, hotel…) for the first session I want to see:

11am The personal data economy – and what it all means
Since I started working at Twingly a bigger part of not only the professional life started happening online. I really cannot tell you with how many sites I signed up since then, I only know that my Google-results get less digitally active friends go like “Wow, didn’t know you are that active online! Incredible what one finds out about you! And you even blog!!” (yeah, even that, guess what… ūüėČ ). Yet I am not afraid of people finding out about me on the net, simply since I know that if someone really wants to know more about you, they will do. Regardless how much you share on the web. Anyway, looking forward to this session about personal data online, with “secure” shop logins and what else there might be to come. Our life will be increasingly digital, whether we like it or not – personally I can see this development in comparison to my parents. Both over 70, they never ordered anything on the web, no trips, books or DVDs. Totally alien to them, yet I wouldn’t know what to do without it. Lots of facets this topic has!

13:30 Data vs Creativity? Bullshit!
This is the one I will most likely listen to – if I don’t take a panel-break and meet people instead. ¬†Why this panel? Well, I’d agree that one does absolutely not exclude the other. Often it is when looking at the raw material that one gets inspired to create things. No matter whether it is data or knitting material.

15:30 Buttons, Behavious, Robots and Toys. What happens when we put data in things
Finally – this seems to be a proper inspiring session with lots of geek shit! Just the right thing for finishing a day and get home with new inspiration! Even though this isn’t the last session of the day. But for me it might be, since I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to a lot of people as well!

Then I will have a lot of time to spend, since I will also take the night train back to Sweden! Departure some time after 10pm, if I remember correctly…

So maybe there are some of you still hanging out and about I could join?

Preparing for #NEXT11 in Berlin! Looking at Day 1

Time simply goes too fast! Heard myself saying that before, yes…

Anyway, there are only like 10 days left to the NEXT conference in Berlin, the number of tweets slowly increases, and I still don’t have a clue, what I want to see. Time to change this!

The program grew immensely and now even the 12 finalists  for the elevator pitch had been chosen!

But let’s start with the program!

These are the things that I would if anyhow possible not like to miss!

Day 1 / 17th of May

Arriving by night train at 5 past 6 in the morning, I will definitely make it to the opening at 9 am Рin a decent shape I hope, otherwise I might need to use any available shower facilities at Berlin Hauptbahnhof ;).

11:00 – 12.30 If Content is King then Data is Queen
And as we know, Queens are often even more important than kings… This session looks very useful, since it seems to pick up the daily challenges monitoring companies but also every one else doing some kind of monitoring of topicsm, brands etc. ¬†is exposed to. So I hope to get some more insight on that which will help me further to understand the needs of our data customers better.

13:30 – 15:00 The Click is dead, stop loving it – start loving IT
This session I am particularly interested in because I still meet a lot of people in media who are interested in exactly that – the click. And the more or less direct turnover right behind it. In their dreams at least. Only a few people already realised that their online strategy in total, with seeking communication with their clients at the heart of it, which will bring them the much desired ROI. Problem with that is, though, the measurement. New ways have to be applied in order to see what went into it and what a company gets out of it. In sympathy and customer satisfaction (better: enthusiasm!) which will then increase the ROI. A whole new game that has to be mastered by still a lot of companies. Will be interesting to listen to the speakers’ experiences!

15:30 / 17:00 Will Data Business Models rule the world? 
I shop more and more online, don’t you? Plus, at Twingly we feel the increasing demand of (blog)data for all kinds of businesses – everybody wants to know what people talk about their products and brands. Nothing new, but it seems, that almost everybody is now aware of what is said on the web. Again, let’s see what the speakers’ experiences and plans are!

This will be my first NEXT ever and I don’t know how it was with the program in previous years, but it seems quite thought through! There is space for chats and meetings between the sessions and a really nice long lunch break. So it seems I might actually manage both, listening to the panels I picked and meeting lots of interesting people!

Really looking forward to it!!