OMD – Twingly is ready to go! Almost.

Shame on me – I neglected my little blog for quite some time! However, now some really, really good news. The OMD in Düsseldorf will take place next week – and before that, as you could find in various blog posts, the Night of the Bloggers in Bar Konvex will take place! Party Scout Roland Schweins managed even to prepare the poor lady owner to the special species of bloggers. If one reads the article on theME08 then one gets the impression that it needed some briefing and convincing that bloggers are actually – absolutely marvellous! Why? Because they are social, communicative (or talkative even?) and very fun to be with! Or they should be at least. Should you think you are not, then come round on the 16th and we show you how that works – Anton is an expert in “High Five” lessons!

Personally I really look forward to a fun night out with a lot of like minded people – and if they are not entirely likeminded that even more adds spice to the soup as this guarantees to have really exciting chats and exchanges. Of course with a pint or a nice glass of red wine in the hand. I pestered Djure already if he would know which red wine got bought – I suggested a source even in order to make sure that good stuff gets down our throats, however this is not in our but in the most capable hands of Jule. Jule is the owner of Bar Konvex and our “Fachfrau” (lady expert) in terms of liquid gems.

Another topic of course for Anton and me is to prepare the material to take with us – it seems all in good progress and all will be ready by the end of the week hopefully! That includes some nice surprises for attendants of the Night of the Bloggers but also material for all the arranged meetings on the fair. So this is why I will have quite some overweight on my Ryan Air flight from Skavsta to Weeze – 15 (!!) Euro per kilo, in case you did not know that.

We will also be part of the workshop “Chancen mit Blogs im Digitalen Marketing” (Opportunities with Blogs in Digital Marketing).

So, please, if you are halfway interested in the topic, do come round and reward all speakers by paying us a visit. If you find the Twingly contribution too boring (don’t you dare..), then you might enjoy maybe Peter Hoegenkamp from Blogwerk or Nico Lumma from Media Ventures who will have the pleasure to moderate the event. Another reason for coming round would be the pure presence of His Mastership Djure Meinen  who with his team of allies did a huge deal of organising on the OMD especially for us bloggers. So please do come round and say “Hello” or “High Five” if you do not know him yet. Oh – when and where does all this happen?

18th of September (Thursday)
Hall 11, Area Workshop 2
2.30pm to 3.20pm

This is the hall plan and the info about the workshop schedules. You might find something else that you are interested in

Anyway, should you not make it to either of these events then come and enjoy a coffee with roccatune and us in the Bloggerarea!


Anyway, Team Twingly for OMD is excited to meet you and ready to go!

C U there!

P.S.: Jule says that her website needs an update but that she does not have the time. Anybody there among all of you that fancies a new fun project maybe and that would be able to help her?

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