Thank you for the awesome ride, Twingly!

More than 4 magnificent years I enjoyed together with the awesome crew at Twingly! My first “work-day” started on 12th of May 2008 at Gelleråsen with a round of Go-kart, and here is the evidence picture (taken by Martin Källström):

Little more than 4 years later, on 31th of May 2012, my last day at Twingly also involved – Go-kart. This time a bit closer to home, though, at Sviesta.

I mean, honest, how many of you can say that their work at a company started and ended with just Go-kart?

Working with Twingly opened the world of digital and social media for me. I started blogging, tweeting, facebooking, foursquaring, pinteresting, deliciousing and got to know loads of other social platforms. I got into using these tools as part of a social media and/ or online-marketing-strategy. I experienced which great results our customers achieved in their online-strategy using Twingly products like eTrade, Blogstream and Blogwatch. Not to speak of all the social media monitoring companies using Twingly’s data-API. Today I (finally!) started using Instagram btw :).

In other words, I learnt an awful lot about digital social and became a part of it, both here in Sweden as well as in Germany. Thank you, Martin Källström for giving it a try with the back then newly arrived German girl from London who at that time was far from fluent in Swedish 😉 !

My latest project which I started in June 2011, involved getting into the world of social media monitoring – a hugely important topic, since today one really should know what’s been said on the interweb and social sharing platforms about oneself, one’s company/ organisation or brand. A topic I therefore will naturally continue to follow very closely. A fast developing area it is as well. New monitoring services enter the market every month, some of them being genuine and offering great value, while others are more after the quick cash and probably bugger off again later. Anna and Steffi now manage Medienbewachen, together with Twingly.

However, I left Twingly, you’ll be asking yourself since quite some time now… Why?

As some of you surely know, there is a special place in my heart for the motorcycle world. When I in February spotted the opportunity of working with the Swedish Association for Motorcycle- and Snowscooter Sports, SVEMO, I couldn’t resist putting myself forward for the position of Coordinator for Road Racing, Minimoto and Dragracing. The rest is history.

A bonus that needs mentioning is that SVEMO is situated less than a kilometre away from where I live… . For the first time in my life I can walk to work! A luxury after having commuted to work since almost 10 years, duration at least one hour per way. First on London’s cattle-waggons (how I call the local transport during rush hour) and then on Östgötapendeln. The latter was luxury-commuting, though. Always a seat, hardly ever a neighbour it was uncomfortable sitting next to.

What’s next? Well, Twingly is looking for an enthusiastic person with great sales skills and an interest in blogs and social media. You will be joining one of the very best teams you can wish for! Your ideas and spirit are wanted at growing Twingly – and you will grow with them. That much I can promise. As another bonus you maybe could see that you’ll be working with Peter, who is heading up the Twingly-team. Peter is not only a knowledgeable and great person to work with (like the rest of the team!!), but also a Gladiator and Rugby Player in Swedens National Team.

And what about me? Well, I started getting my little head into the world of Swedish and International motorcycle sports. I have to learn a lot about Road Racing, Minimoto and Drag Racing, get to know all the lovely new colleagues around me, who helped me hugely during my first two days at SVEMO. Then I will also meet the people out in the field, who are working hands on with “my” sections and all the races and who I am supposed to help in their work. I also look forward to meeting some of “my” racing riders, so that I don’t only fix their licenses but can put a face to a name. I will start doing that at the Sweden International Dragracing EM in Tierp.

We read, chat and whatnot each other as usual, I reckon! And luckily, Linköping isn’t that far away, so there will be the occasional Afterwork as well ;).

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