And then there was rhubarb.


I am always amazed how nature in Sweden “explodes” within like 3 weeks from when it starts being continously around plus 5 degrees centigrade and more. This is the first round of rhubarb harvesting. Exceptional for what I am used to. If the nice warm, wet weather continues, we are looking at another load like this in a few weeks time. Nice! There will be crumble pie and jam. Any good rhubarb jam recipes anyone?

Mostly German Ancestry in the U.S.?

A colleague of mine found this overview online and posted it to me. I knew that a lot of people in the US had German roots. But that many? I am wondering, though, in which category they put Swedish here. Wondering if they mixed it with German? There were a lot of Swedish emigrants to the United States as well. However, they are not listed separately like i.e. the Norwegian and Finnish.

Therefore I wonder if one should trust these stats as much as the News…

Growing Tomatoes

This year was a tomato year. Out of 20 seeds I got 17 (!) plants. I started sowing them on the 6th of February, only 3 days later, 2 plants were showing their heads… And it continued in this pace, until all 17 were out within less than 3 weeks. They were first occupying the window board, and then later, when having been replanted an entire room, which we then called our little greenhouse. We had to close the door, because otherwise the smell of soil would have floated through the entire flat.

9 plants moved to a good home and made friends and family happy, 8 of them stayed on our balcony. Our plants had a hard time, they almost died of drought in June while we were away for week… Amazing that we still got a really decent amount of fruit!

Anyway, this is their story in pictures. By now they are probably compost. Tomatoes R.I.P.

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Christmas Market Berlin Charlottenburg

Last weekend I went to visit my best friend who now lives in Berlin. On Saturday we went to the Christmas Market at Berlin Charlottenburg. A proper Christmas Market with lots of stalls of local handicraft, something that I didn’t enjoy for quite some years! Proper GlĂĽhwein (mulled wine) and fresh waffles with hot cherries included 🙂 .

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An old envelope can protect your life

At least it protects all your digital life carried by your favourite notebook.

I admittedly was a bit skeptic about the quality when I found this laptop sleeve on But since I had already been looking for quite some time for a nice cover that doesn’t look boring, and since I didn’t find any that I liked, I gave it a try. The price seemed very much OK as well. And I didn’t get disappointed! This laptop sleeve really looks like an old envelope! And it is really sturdy, with a nice red, strong padding inside as well. It might take a bit more space in your rucksack, but to me, that’s worth it. You can even customise the sleeve further by writing on it, putting on stickers etc..

For my German readers, you can get this one as well at , the German platform of

Transport for the Dead?

One of these trucks we saw during the weekend:

Now, for an English-speaking person this is not that funny – but trust me, it is for a German, and especially for a German that knows Swedish…

Cos for us, this is clearly a company that transports dead people (“Toten” = German for the dead ones) and carcasses (what “AS” means in Swedish). And that even as far as to Portugal, when you check out their website. Impressive.

And it’s a Norwegian company, in case you wondered.

Don’t worry, turkey never tastes good!

Thanks to @Bougie for posting this video on Twitter! It tells us what loads of people ever having tried to make a turkey must have thought loads of times, but never dared to admit, speak out loud etc. However, Aunt Mary doesn’t hesitate to share it with us …

Have fun watching! And cooking of course. 🙂


Following this video, I found another more serious one with Mary. Food Runners! A great initiative in San Francisco. To my mind such a service should be standard in every big (or even smaller) city in our Western world where we throw food away all too easily and without thinking.

Preparing for SIME next week!

On Tuesday and Wednesday next week SIME in Stockholm will take place! SIME is one of the leading Nordic conferences for digital and online media. And thanks to the Martin Recke and his team at NEXT, I will not only be able to visit the conference, but I will also have the honour to keep you updated about the event on the NEXT-Blog!

Anybody interested in SIME is welcome to read my updates, but there is also the official SIME-blog, which will probably give you some more interesting stories.

Like every year, there is also a SIME Liveboard (by Twingly) where you can follow all tweets in realtime: