Bye Bye Friendfeed & Co.

I realised that I am on an awful lot of platforms, to the extend that I do not really cope with keeping track of every service I am registered with.

Already since a while back I was contemplating to get delete some of my accounts that I absolutely do not use.. Which I started with yesterday.

You won’t find me anymore on…

…Gowalla – I am a heavy Foursquare user. Cannot even explain why, but I really like their interface and service, and they will be ‘my’ only location based service. I will also leave Friendticker, since I simply don’t use them. Although they got much better on the international level by now and continue to make a huge effort there. And please – stop sending me invites to Forecast. Why would I want to share where I will be in the future if I don’t even know myself where I will be then?

…Friendfeed – Facebook replaced Friendfeed for me. People connect their Twitter accounts and blogs to Facebook anyway, or they have fan pages and groups I am interested in. So most of the information I have now on Facebook, where I can comment and discuss not only with the person who posted it, but also with other followers and friends.

…Netvibes – Although it is a great place to keep all accounts together, I haven’t been using it since like over 2 years.

…MyGreatWorld – a photo community I contributed to a bit about 2 years ago. Not sure that this one still is alive, since there is not much happening at all.

… – I love open source, but what’s the point of being a heavy Twitter-user and publishing ones tweets to more or less the same people again via Shame it didn’t take off further in early 2009, then the game was still open. Now it seems the winner is Twitter, well deserved as well, if you ask me.

I even contemplate leaving Posterous since I hardly post stuff in German anymore.¬† I might do like I did before and throw in a few German posts again here on Wha’ever, especially since I started writing reviews on books in German on Literaturwelt now.

Interesting how the different services develop over the years, to see which ones stay, die or enter the scene.

Facebook I joined as late as in February 2010, on Twitter I am since August 2008. Foursquare I cannot really recall right now, but it will have been early 2010 as well. I joined before I even had a smart phone to check in with ūüôā but I did not hesitate to already then foursquare-map my favourite places in Norrk√∂ping.

These are my 3 core favourites at least. Businesswise you find me on Xing as well as on LinkedIn, and another new (fun) kid on the block I get excited about is EyeEm.

That much for today’s Social Media rants!


This is a post for all German readers, so the rest will be in, guess what, German ūüôā ! Good occasion to check how much you understand in that language, though, don’t you think?

So. Kurze Mitteilung!

Heute habe ich meinen ersten Beitrag auf Literaturwelt ver√∂ffentlicht – einem deutschen Blog f√ľr Buchrezensionen.

Ich werde dort in Zukunft ab und an √ľber B√ľcher bloggen, die ich gelesen habe und die entweder im Deutschen erscheinen werden, oder von denen ich mir w√ľnsche, dass sie im Deutschen erscheinen. Oder √ľber deutsche B√ľcher, von denen ich mir w√ľnsche, dass sie in andere Sprachen √ľbersetzt werden. Dar√ľber hinaus gibt es deutsche B√ľcher, die eine unglaublich gute √úbersetzung in eine Fremdsprache erfahren haben. Dann wei√ü man n√§mlich, womit man seine Freunde, denen es nicht verg√∂nnt ist, Deutsch zu k√∂nnen, begl√ľcken kann. “Verg√∂nnt” sage ich hier, weil ich nach wie vor unglaublich dankbar daf√ľr bin, dass die deutsche Sprache meine Muttersprache ist. Wenn dem nicht so w√§re, w√§re Deutsch wahrscheinlich die letzte Sprache, die ich erlernen w√ľrde. Es sei denn, ich w√§re ein geborener Grammatikfanatiker. Bin ich aber nicht.

Wann immer m√∂glich, lese ich also B√ľcher in der Originalsprache. Dann entdecke ich oft, dass manche davon (noch) nicht √ľbersetzt wurden, obwohl sie es verdient h√§tten, und oft bestimmt auch in Englisch oder Schwedisch ein voller Erfolg w√§ren, bzw. umgekehrt.

Ein Beispiel daf√ľr ist der “Hundertj√§hrige” von Jonas Jonasson, der nun am 1. September auf Deutsch erscheint. Warum gerade dieser mir so am Herzen liegt, k√∂nnt Ihr hier lesen.

Wenn Ihr noch ein witziges und spannendes Buch f√ľr jemanden sucht, der trockenen Humor mag, wo Ihr aber sonst nicht wisst, was buchtechnisch passen k√∂nnte, dann solltet Ihr Euch dies sowieso anschauen.