After an outburst of true winter with snow in the morning today, the rest of the day looked like this. Sunny and blue Sky. April is definitely here, no joke.

Today’s real blog post you can read in Swedish (or English via the Google Translate Plugin) on Grythyttanstation.com.

Welcome & have a nice weekend!

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Renovating an old Swedish railway station

Today I blogged on Grythyttanstation.com about our ongoing project with renovating an old Swedish railway station from 1875. (The railway station’s blog has a Google-translate plugin, which works quite well with translation to English. So you are welcome to try and read the full article there.)

Last year we were lucly enough to collect some money with help of our friends, family and other people equally nice/crazy/nerdy like us. That helps us now renovating the totally broken water and heating system of the house.

Last weekend it was time to slow-start the renovation season 2016. In order to see where the different pipes are going, we mounted an inspection flap in the ceiling of the old waiting room. We discovered that there are not only one but two additional layers behind the current one, that one sees in the actual waiting room. It is always very exciting to discover more history of the house:



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