The interweb is kaputt!

Sometimes life is tricky. For example when the interweb is kaputt. Especially when you participate in a blogging competition like #blogg100. And you are forced to a life totally offline due to unforeseen circumstances!!! ūüėČ

You come home to your parents’ place on the night before Good Friday, all shops of course already closed, and some of the first information you get is “Anja, the lights on this box stopped working. And the computer does not want to work either anymore”.

Right. Tonight’s and tomorrows blogposts one can safely forget about, since there is no way to buy new equipment on red days. A thorough check of the installation showed that the cable and volt-converter to the router decided to die. Like two weeks ago.

So, best case, only the cable is broken, and not the actual router box. We were lucky, so it was, the router was alive! We took the opportunity to check the local shops with IT-equipment, and to our positive surprise, there was capable and knowledgable staff in all of them! Unlike in Sweden sometimes, where all people seem to be able to do is selling, but not necessarily giving great service and good advice.

Now the machinery is working again! To the best and to the worst. Cos now there are new questions to solve. Such as “Anja, how does this work again when I want to write an email? And why does it take such long time for the computer to load?” ūüėČ

However, great parents I have, who endeavour the internet at the age of over 70 and 80!

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Direct recycling

The other day we got a letter from Germany, in an envelope that looks like a topographical map. The thing is, looking at it closer, it really seems to have been a topographical map!

Next step is looking the manufacturer up on the web, and really, the suspicion got confirmed – they use maps and other paper again, directly, and make them into new paper products. A great idea, especially when it comes to envelopes, which will be thrown into the non-recycle-box anyway, because of their adhesive.

Read more on Direktrecycling’s website.

This is what it looks like:


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A new view on things

You know, sometimes you just run the same way, you come from the same angle and you always see the same picture. Nothing new to be discovered, is there?

Well, today I approached one of the places I pass on my running tour from a different direction. And guess what happens? I realised that I have been running through a mini park like a dozen of times, yet I never noticed the old benches surrounding it, making it a perfect quiet little place to take a break in the sunshine.

Another runner joined me just then, surrounding the small park on the very narrow gravel path, which I never noticed before either.

I suppose one should transfer this experience to other parts of one’s life. Approach the same thing from a different direction, and simply see what happens. What new there is to be discovered.


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Renovating an old Swedish railway station

Today I blogged on¬†about our ongoing project with renovating an old Swedish railway station from 1875. (The railway station’s blog has a Google-translate plugin, which works quite well with translation to English. So you are welcome to try and read the full article there.)

Last year we were lucly enough to collect some money with help of our friends, family and other people equally nice/crazy/nerdy like us. That helps us now renovating the totally broken water and heating system of the house.

Last weekend it was time to slow-start the renovation season 2016. In order to see where the different pipes are going, we mounted an inspection flap in the ceiling of the old waiting room. We discovered that there are not only one but two additional layers behind the current one, that one sees in the actual waiting room. It is always very exciting to discover more history of the house:



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… must not be underestimated in terms of being an athletic activity.

I’d like to suggest a new olympical discipline – “coil spring tying”. Then one¬†can have it splitted into several classes: one-armed, two-armed, three-armed and four-armed.

Yesterday evening I went for training in coil spring tying with¬†four arms, and I’d like to thank my teacher Agneta for her kind assistance (and her two hands) and her patience ūüėČ .



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This is one of the days where watching a favourite tv-series after work is a necessity. In my case, conveniently enough the box-set with Scrubs arrived in the mail today. (Yes, I am still pre-Netflix etc. – I watch DVDs.)

I am not a lover of hospital series’, however, Scrubs does it for me. Maybe since it is more about the characters than the actual hospital surroundings.

Happy Monday night!

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Lynda Woodruff! And Melodifestivalen.

Lynda Woodruff is a comedy character played by Swedish singer and actress Sarah Dawn Finer. Lynda appears in connection with the Swedish pre-competition to the Eurovision song contest, Melodifestivalen. In Melodifestivalen, Swedish artists compete against each other, and the public as well as an international jury (in the final only) votes for their favourites.

Lynda Woodruff explains Sweden and Swedish tradition to non-Swedes, acting as a gorgeously funny british-inspired character. Sarah is half British, half American, however born and bred in Sweden. A fresh breeze on the screen, not only as Lynda Woodruff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here she is, the one and only, the amazing Lynda Woodruff!!

Featuring, among others, Måns Sell Me Love!!!

The competition itself and especially the final this year wasn’t bad at all either. I think this is the first time where the majority of the competitors actually could sing and hit the right keys, and there was no songs that classified as “ear-rapists”. A definite improvement!

You guys in Europe, this is the 17 year old Swede your singers will have to compete with – this is FRANS from Ystad!

He wasn’t my super favorite, but I admit that he isn’t bad and actually might have quite a good chance in the Eurovision final on 14th of May!

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The importance of good tools

Regardless which crafts project, I found that it is always worth investing in good tools. Maybe you do not need the absolute top of the line professional version, but it is worth in investing in decent quality. You get what you pay for proves to be true in almost any case. Means if you buy too cheap stuff, you almost always have to buy the same again pretty soon. It is therefore better to invest something proper from the start.

Therefore, when buying new tools for a crafts project, think about:
– what tool you need
– how sturdy does it have to be
– which material(s) will you be working with
– how often do you use it (every day, every week, every month)
– can you buy something that is suitable not only for the current project, but that fills several purposes

If you can, do not only thoroughly research via the internet (blogs, YouTube, forums) about your project and tools needed. Go and and describe what you plan to do to¬†friends, relatives, neighbours and staff in different shops. You’ll learn about more options and methods, which will make your choice easy. If you can, take some time for finding the right stuff. Maybe you even get a chance to test the tool you are after. It is important that it feels right and makes the job easier.

Remember, if you do not like using your tools because they don’t work the way they should, you will not enjoy working with them. Your project will most likely not come out the way you want it to be, you will be disappointed and might think you cannot get anything right. Which most likely is not true! ¬†

If you do not have the time, and need something urgently, it is almost always worth investing into the best non-professional choice of tools, if you don’t have to use a tool on a professional basis, means every day. And never forget to¬†ask for help and advice in operating your new “toy” – once seen and shown is better than any book! If you cannot ask someone personally, try to find good videos on YouTube about it. Sometimes you can even do a day or weekend course close to where you live.

One option to consider when buying more expensive stuff, is to see if you can find it second hand. However – be sure that it works! Go there, get a demonstration, or (better) try it yourself, before buying. Also, ask why the person is selling.

I got lucky once buying a high quality grinding machine second hand for a very decent price. I bought it from an old person who moved house and had to give up his work shop. Sad for him, good for me, in this case.

I think it is fun building tool cases. I have one for upholstery, a general one for carpentry and everything else, one for the grinding machine tools, and the loved one has one for window renovating. Yep, I might be a nerd, but being the daughter of a cabinet maker master, I grew up with it and learnt the importance of good tools ;-).

Wishing you a very happy DIY-weekend!


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Getting lost, exploring

Running again. Friday afterwork run. A short one, I thought. Max 5k. It was great weather outside, with some early spring sunshine and warmth, blue sky and a few centigrades on the plus side.

Yep, and I really blame the weather. After about 3 kilometres it was so nice outside that I got the idea that one could try and see where this other way leads to, the turn I didn’t take the other day.

And then it happened. I took a turn which made that I ran far longer than expected. 5k were so out of the window, but it was a very pleasant feeling!

Back home I mapped out my way on Runkeeper, and yep, just over 10k it became. Very unexpected, and very enjoyable. longrun

That’s what I like about Norrk√∂ping, there are still new running routes to explore, and you know you are lost when you are out of town almost ;-).

Happy weekend, everyone, and do like the duckies I met at Motala Ström Рenjoy the sunshine!


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The fun part with ordering motorcycle parts directly in Japan is that you also get fun stuff on top – like Japanese newspapers!

The interesting part is that the structure of the paper we got in the packet is very similar to the Western newspapers that we are used to. Even though we cannot read a single word, we understand the structure of the paper. See for yourself:


Birthdays and family news:IMAG2337


Stock exchange news: IMAG2335

Cartoons or Mangas! IMAG2334

Therefore, last but not least – anybody¬†turning Japanese? ūüėČ

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